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Pool Villa & House for sale in Pattaya

House for sale in pattaya

Beautiful house for sale in Baan Dusit Pattaya Park ฿3,890,000

Fully furnished House area 128 m2 Land size 304 m2 Parking for 3 cars 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms Swimming pool 30 m2 Alarm system Automatic gate

Stylish house for sale in Baan Dusit Pattaya Lake ฿9,900,000

Huge parking Partly furnished House size 250 m2 Land size 748 m2 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / 3 toilets Swimming pool 50 m2 Jacuzzi Guest house with bathroom and toilet Outdoor shower Outdoor toilet Huge pavilion in pool area and BBQ zone 3 store rooms Beautiful Garden Alarm system Automatic gate 24 Security

Cheap house for sale in Baan Dusit Pattaya Park ฿3,500,000

Fully furnished House area 106 m2 Land size 256 m2 Parking 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms Pavilion+BBQ zone Alarm system Automatic gate

Sea side 3BR Beachfront pool villa Majestic Villas Pattaya B12,900,000

3BR Beachfront pool villa Majestic Villas Pattaya 12,900,000THB ONLY!! 3BR 2 BATH 220SQ.M RENTED FOR 55,000THB PER MONTH 1 YR LEFT ON THE CONTRACT Properties for Sale & Rent in Pattaya

Cheap condos for sale Pattaya

We have the biggest list of cheap condos for sale in Pattaya property market. If you are looking for a cheap re-sale condo in Pattaya please click on this page

Thai Real Estate Law Library

If you are a foreigner looking to buy Pattaya property you must visit our Thai Real estate Library page. We have many articles about Thai Property Law, EIA, and everything that covers foreigners buying real estate in Thailand. Get educated before you enter the Pattaya property market

Bank Finance Available To Foreign Buyers in Thailand

Mortgages, home loans and finance for foreigners in Thailand buying real estate Identification card Household registration Marriage license or letter of divorce (if any) Letter of change of name or surname (if any) Identification card and household registration of spouse (if any) Every page of the title deed to property Purchase and Sale Agreement of property Evidence of down payment.

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Buying the right investment property in pattaya

Choosing the right Pattaya property by determining your goals

Now that we have determined your reason for buying a Pattaya property lets analyse each reason to give you more clarity and help you choose the right property investment category.

So lets say your reason for buying a Pattaya property is to generate a good capital gains rate on your investment property.  Thats great as real estate is a commodity that tends to increase in price over time, but there are many factors to consider if one wishes to maximise their capital gains rate. investing in Pattaya property market

How to maximise your capital gains rate on your Pattaya property investment?

So how do we maximise your Pattaya property investment‘s capital gains return? Simple, by taking the following factors into consideration when choosing your property.


Whether you are looking at a Pattaya condo or a Pattaya house, location is everything. As in any country, properties close to the beach, central location and close to amenities are sure to attract demand in the property market. When buying a property in Pattaya its best to choose something as close to the beach as possible. Ultimately if you can find beachfront properties in Pattaya thats what will ensure your maximum capital gain rate.


There are different kinds of view choices specially when buying a condo in Pattaya real estate market. Condos in Pattaya usually come with sea view, pool view, garden view and city views. Off course the prices also differ on each view being offered. When you buy a sea view condo make sure the view is a permanent one. Pattaya being a seaside town sea views can really effect the present and future value of your Pattaya investment property. Pool view condos  are the next best thing in the Pattaya condo market and usually fetch a good re-sale price.

Quality & reputation of the project and developer: This really speaks for itself. Make sure you only  your Pattaya condo or house in Pattaya from a reputable quality developer. You want your investment property in Pattaya to become a signature address in the future.


Remember that real estate investment is a long term process but buying at a low distressed price means you are already off to a great start. Its great to buy a property in Pattaya knowing you have already made an instant capital gain. If buying your Pattaya condo or house in Pattaya from a developer its advisable to jump in at the launch time so that you get the lowest possible price on your property in Pattaya. If you or your agent can also work out a good discount for you on the launch price (taking all above factors in mind also) then surely again you are off to a great start to making a great capital gain on your Pattaya investment property.

Maintenance service, quality & fees: 

In this section we should add that cheaper is not always better. While low fees are great they should never be substituted for quality. Good maintenance is what keeps your Pattaya property in a top nudge condition.  

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